About Will Goodhand

Will lives in Saltburn and works as a Director of a large market research company, after gaining experience of starting and running small businesses. Will is state school educated and went on to study Law at Oxford University.

Will’s passion in politics is to help people achieve their potential, be it vocational, academic, entrepreneurial or creative. He is working flat out to see Teesside achieve its potential: harnessing our young people’s talents and energy by connecting them to opportunities, tackling our infrastructure challenges, bringing businesses and people together to improve our towns, and unlocking our tourism potential.

Will has organised a series of events to connect young people to local businesses offering high quality apprenticeships, and to encourage businesses to offer more apprenticeship programmes.

Will’s infrastructure campaigns across the area include getting better road links from the A19 to Guisborough and crucially, reducing traffic through Marton by improvements to the Parkway including new slip roads at the Ormesby Bank junction to allow people to bypass Dixons Bank. He has set up the South Middlesbrough Infrastructure Action Group to develop a full plan dealing with infrastructure problems across the south of Middlesbrough. 

Will has set up community groups in Guisborough, (The Guisborough Future Group) and Loftus (The Loftus Future Group) with local residents and businesses coming together to build a better future for their communities, improving the environment and unlocking tourism potential.

If elected, a big focus for Will is further developing opportunities for our young and Teessiders of all ages, using the role of MP to bring schools and businesses together to the benefit of young people, helping them to work together even more effectively.  

Last and definitely not least, Will is passionate about cars. He loves Formula One and classic cars: he owns a purple Triumph Dolomite Sprint from 1974 which is currently doubling as the world’s least reliable campaign runabout