East Cleveland Apprenticeship Convention

Will has organised four appretniceship events to date.

Bringing local training providers, schools/colleges and businesses together is important to ensure that there is joined up thinking and planning to ensure the very best opportunities for local young people.

So far there has been:

An event at Prior Pursglove with training providers, schools and businesses where people explained the difficulites they were facing whilst trying to take on appretnices.

An other event at Prior Pursglove which brought the same group of people back, but this time Will organised for the National Apprenticeship Service and Tees Valley Unlimited for them to be able to give the correct advice.

The third event was the East Cleveland Apprenticeship Fair which was held in the Sports Hall and say almost 100 young people come along to see what local opportunities are available.

The last event was held at Tees Components of North Skelton and Will invited Nick Boles MP (Apprenticeship Minsiter) to brief the companies that took part as to what future plans a Conservative Majority Government has to enable more businesses to take on apprentices.