My Plan

 Working with schools and businesses to create opportunities for local young people

Apprenticeship events bring our local schools and businesses together and will help us secure a brighter future for our young people. These events ensure that we're creating further local opportunities and supporting our economy. To date I've organised four apprenticeship events - read more about them here.

 Putting doctors in charge of delivering the very best community healthcare

I want to ensure doctors have everything they need to make decisions on delivering our health care. The NHS is not for politics, it is for caring for people, and I'll fight to make sure people in our area have the best possible care.

 Working with Cleveland Police to target trouble makers

Crime and rural crime in East Cleveland is an issue which I'd like to help tackle: everyone deserves to feel safe and know that their property is secure. Repeat offenders especially are a concern, and criminals are always evolving new ways of evading the police. I'm therefore talking to Police Services across the country and sharing new techniques with Cleveland Police, so our police force will always be up to date. Read more about this here.

 Investing in infrastructure 

Rural public transport is not as good as it needs to be for some of our towns and villages. I'll hold regular meetings with Arriva to feedback views to get better services. Additionally, I have set up the South Middlesbrough Infrastructure Action group (SMAIG) to to devise sustainable solutions to our traffic problems.

 Creating community led visions for our varying communities

Our area is varied and each local community is different with different needs. That's why I'm setting up 'Future Groups' across East Cleveland to ensure that residents and local businesses have a voice in building a future vision for their areas.